Welcome BC

Welcome BC

After Quebec, the second largest Canadian province by land area is British Columbia. It ranks third as the most well-populated province of Canada, ranking below Ontario and Quebec. As a matter of fact, as of 2022, it has over 5.3 million inhabitants.

Warmly inviting you: Welcome to beautiful British Columbia (BC).
Warmly inviting you: Welcome to beautiful British Columbia (BC).

Due to its mixed cultures and biodiversity, people find it an ideal place to start living in this part of Canada. The way its people conserve their natural resources and heritage sites greatly impacted their society and the future generation.

Why Choose B.C.

British Columbia is considered one of the most livable places in Canada. With the scenic beauty of its flora and fauna, BC, as it is fondly called, is undeniably a top destination. It’s perfect for studying, working, living, and eventually, building a family.

Read through the following indexes to learn why you should choose BC.

Standard of Living

Canada is classified as one of the countries offering the best quality of life. The country has a high GDP which shows the strength of the nation’s economy. As a result, many companies are expanding and there are more jobs available for all. BC ranks second highest in GDP in Canada.

Income Quality

Canada has a mixed-market economy that offers lots of job opportunities. It covers about 20 key sectors. Among these, the top 3 highest revenue comes from real estate, manufacturing, and mining. Not to mention, it’s the main trading partner of the US in terms of goods and services.

Health Care System

Canada’s Health Act ensures that most people get health care coverage. Those who urgently need treatment but don’t have the means to pay are still covered. This applies across Canada’s provinces and territories. Hence, people who live in BC have access to affordable health care.


Canada values family. This is why they offer programs to immigrants such as family sponsorship in order to bring families together. In addition, to make it easier to raise a brood, public school education is free!


It is a fundamental right of every individual to be provided with a healthy and safe environment. For this reason, local authorities strictly enforce regulations to ensure crime rates remain low. This makes travelling around BC safe day or night.


Residents of BC have diverse ethnicities. Thus, it follows that people have different cultures and beliefs. This led to the creation of the Multicultural Advisory Council with the purpose of addressing racial discrimination and creating inclusive communities.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Rock carvings and fishing sites along Fraser River dating back thousands of years ago provide evidence of ancient settlements. However, BC’s cultural heritage is not only seen through its heritage sites. There are gift shops where you can purchase hand-crafted items like jewellery, clothing, and wall panels. In addition, there are art galleries that support indigenous artists.

Explore BC

British Columbia lies left of the Pacific Ocean while on its right is the scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains. It has a diverse geography where people can do various activities at any time of the year.

While its coastal proximity projects a moderate climate, its mountainous terrain makes it suitable for various outdoor activities. This includes zip lining, mountaineering, camping, fishing, and rafting. It’s the perfect place to host winter sports such as skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. Therefore, it is the ultimate location to enjoy outdoor recreational activities for both individuals and families.

Success Stories

This is a compilation of testimonies of people who decided to relocate to BC. Listen as they share their experiences from the smooth immigration progress to relocation. It also tells how they were able to adjust to society. For instance, a number of people have enjoyed recreational activities as there are a lot of casino winners in the area. These stories aim to encourage people from other countries to come and live in this part of the world. And finally, consider BC as their top destination where they can reside permanently.