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Street scene in Prince George: Street scene in Prince George

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    Contributor: Vancouver Public Library
    Media: Image


    • Automobiles--Buildings--Streets

    • Bank of Montreal (Prince George, B.C.)--Blue Bird Tea Room--G.B. Williams Grocery--Pitman's Music Store--Northern Hardware and Furniture Company


    • Street with several businesses and automobiles in Prince George. On the righthand side of the street, the Bank of Montreal, a dentist's office, the Blue Bird Tea Room - home bakeryand luncheons, G.B. Williams cash grocery, Pitman's Music Store and the Northern Hardware and FurnitureCompany are visible. Also exists as a lantern slide (67042).

    • Copy negative (10x13 cm)--Nitrate (6x9 cm)--Copy print (20x25 cm)--Lantern slide (8x10 cm)--Photocopy display print (20x25 cm)

    • Nitrate - brown tint--Nitrate - silvering--Nitrate - brown paper stuck to emulsion side--Lantern slide - black mounting around edges--Lantern slide - green masking around image

    • F-19213


Wow. Downtown Prince George in 1931.