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General R.G.E. Leckie and Colonel Gilbert Godson in car: General R.G.E. Leckie and Colonel Gilbert Godson in car

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    Contributor: Vancouver Public Library
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    • Militia--Military uniforms--Automobiles--War

    • Leckie, Robert Gilmour Edward, 1869-1923--Godson, Gilbert, 1872-1954

    • 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of Canada--Canada. Canadian Armed Forces. Seaforth Highlanders of Canada


    • taken between 1916-8--Major R.G. Edwards Leckie commanding officer of the Seaforth Highlanders 72nd Battalian and ColonelGilbert Godson 1872-1954

    • Glass negative (12x17 cm)

    • Glass - scratched--Glass - silvering--Glass - emulsion peeling

    • GN scanned at 1200 dpi on CD 1010


General Leckie's full name was "Robert Gilmour Edwards Leckie," not "Edward" as you have in your description. He was a relative of my husband, so I know I am accurate. It should be changed in all your descriptions of him.